Dominik Kuhn alias dodokay

  Dominik Kuhn - Regisseur, Autor, Kreativstratege, Sprecher

Hi there and thanks a lot for visiting the pathetic website of my one-man company STARPATROL Entertainment!

You may ask yourselves why there aren't many navigational buttons on the left, which I will gladly explain: I guess what I do is at this point not enough to justify a whole website in English language. On the other hand, it quite obviously seems to be enough to raise questions about me by the English speaking world. Even the guys at Reuters found me worth mentioning ...

So for the time being this English section is just a brief summary on me and my work to answer these questions, but I will keep updating it as time progresses.

Here goes nothing!

I am a Germany based movie director for advertising and corporate film, music videos and recently TV and theatrical motion pictures. I am also a writer in these fields. Watch out, there's more to come. The nice little film you saw on the way here is my current showreel. I got a bit fed up with the common practice of showing boring advertisements on end, so I cut everything together in this short teaser. And no, the scenes are not borrowed from various hollywood movies, I shot and/or directed everything myself. The Alien was used with authorization when I was contracted for an anti-piracy campaign by 20th Century Fox.

In Germany, I have risen to modest fame through my work as a writer and voice actor for comedy based on the principle of dubbing over famous movies, news reports or documentaries in the broad accent of my home area, the Suabian south of Germany. The whole thing started out ca. 2005 in the undergound of YouTube and the like, when I was known under my alias "dodokay", and eventually has gotten me my own comedy TV format on national German broadcaster SWR Television in 2009. I write the stuff, provide all the voices as well as the complete sound design. Someone in the German press has dubbed me "Germany's Seth MacFarlane, without the cartoon skills." This is about the biggest honor ever to me, as I am a big fan of Seth's. Although the part with the missing cartoon skills is a bit of a bummer, because as everyone can see here, I am one great cartoonist.

My experience as a motion picture director and my language skills in English, Dutch and various German accents have gotten me some jobs as dialogue coach for a variety of film projects, where I serve as a human interface between writers and actors. My pet passion here is the conversion of idioms from one to another language. And on a totally unrelated matter: I am also the translator of more than sixty of Lucasfilm's STAR WARS spin-off books into the German language, as well as about twenty other books from various genres.

Last but not least, Germany's advertising community has come to know me as a specialist for Viral Marketing. I started getting involved with this field about eight years ago and have since written, produced and sometimes directed many viral campaigns for major clients. I also hold lectures on the topic for corporate clients and at universities, dealing with the special creative approach, campaign mechanics and neuropsychological background of viral advertising.

That's about it for now. Meanwhile, if you still want to know more, please knock yourself out, start from the top, choose German as a language and look at all the pretty pictures there.

And of course I am happy to answer all of our questions or direct your next movie. I specialise in productions with a budget of $ 350 million and more. No, wait, make that $ 400. Million. No, wait. $ 500 Million.

And in case you wonder why I have such a crappy HTML web site even though I'm making such big money: I like to keep up old technology so the Cylons can't hijack my web server when they overrun the earth.